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How do you keep a house ready to show at any time while still living in it.  

Here are some ideas to keep your house show-ready with as little stress as possible:

1. Lock any rooms that you can do without.

The best way to keep a room show-ready is to just not use it. This is pretty easy for adults, but if you have kids it can be hard remembering that they are not allowed to use the hall bath.

Use this trick so that all you have to do to get ready for a showing is unlock it, and it's already pristine. (But please do remember to unlock it before you leave!)

2. Skip the cookies but make it smell good.

Having fresh-baked cookies ready for potential buyers seems like a great idea, but it’s very rare that they’ll actually get eaten.  It

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Guest Post by Bethany Hegorhorst

This question has irked me for so long! Why do banks tell people they are qualified up to a certain purchase price and that's it? No loan programs work like that... they all have "debt to income ratio" requirements which exact monthly payments fit into, and then those exact maximum monthly payments can fit into several price ranges! Also, it depends program by program! This is the biggest thing I can tell about how we are different -- we go the extra step to show them the maximum payments they can qualify for with EACH loan program, along with tips for how to expand that (like paying off specific debt items) to qualify for higher if needed, and build customized mortgage calculators to help show.

For example. John

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Season-by-Season Lawn Maintenance Calendar

By: Douglas Trattner

Published: April 8, 2013

Tips for a barefoot-worthy lawn that'll ensure your home has uber curb appeal.


Ahhhh, that sensation of stepping onto a freshly mowed lawn sans footwear. There’s nothing like it.

Here’s how to ensure that grassy feeling from spring to fall.

Early Spring

Like so many maintenance jobs, everything goes smoother -- and you’ll get better results -- with proper preparation. Early spring is the time to get ready for lawn-growing and mowing season.

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Sharpen mower blades to ensure clean cuts. A dull blade tears the grass, leaving jagged edges that discolor the lawn and invite pathogens.

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Be the first to know what's happening in Austin and Cedar Park, TX. This week's Cedar Park Real Estate Update Video answers the Question: Is the Austin real estate marketing softening?

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